Running a Real Estate Project is very complex, Simplify it with Brooky.

One easy-to-use software for your Sales & Marketing team.

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Our Product

Real Estate Simplified

Brooky helps to simplify the home buying experience of Buyers and Agents by providing using our cloud-based web and mobile app that speed up sales processing from client inquiry to reservations and helps eliminate the manual, time consuming processes of running a Real Estate Project.

An End to End Solution

One Platform to Rule them all.

It’s time to move on from the archaic spreadsheet. Our cloud-based web application offers a single, centralized platform that lets you manage your real estate business easily. From inventory management, automating computations, handling reservations and buyer’s data, we’ve got it all covered.

  • Documents Manager
  • Inventory Map
  • Accounts Manager
  • Sample Computations
  • Digital Forms
  • Online Reservation

Digital tools for the new normal

Facilitate digital transactions.

Take control over your business by deploying an all in one digital and contact-less solution.

  • Agents Accounts Portal
  • Realty Firms Accounts
  • Buyer Account Portals
  • Digital Signatures
  • Online Payments Module
  • SMS Blasting

Get updated with the latest information

On-the-Go tool For your Agents

Your Real Estate Agents are always out in the field talking to clients and closing deals, and not in front of you. Equip your team with instant access to reliable and up-to-date information about your projects, right in their pocket.

  • 24/7 Access
  • Generate Computations
  • Reserve via App
  • Get Latest Updates
  • Share instantly to Clients
  • Online Sales Kits

Go Digital With Ease

The Platform made specifically for the Digital Real Estate Developer

Streamline your process with Brooky’s automation tools. Boost sales for your sales team and make booking and reservations easy for your clients.


Confidently Close More

Boost your Sales Team’s knowledge and confidence by giving them 24/7 access to your data.


Efficiently Productive

Our automation tools phase out repetitive tasks, giving your staff more time to focus on what matters most.


Stay on Top of your business

Our digital solutions help Real Estate Developers scale their business to the digital age.


Make the Most of a Buying Decision

Give your Clients the ability to reserve and pay for your units, online, right now.

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Be an innovative Real Estate Company.

Just like them – our Partner clients.


Today, over 18 Real Estate Projects nationwide are managed using our Brooky Web and Mobile platform.

Real Estate Developers
Real Estate Projects


What Our Clients Say

Our customers have used our platform to connect their business with everyone working together on the same system. Making transactions quicker and more efficient.

Cesar Wee - CEO, Wee Community Developers Inc.

Cesar Wee – CEO, Wee Community Developers Inc.

Imagine that you’re a seller, agent or broker; You have a client who needs information NOW about the project you’re selling, otherwise you lose the sale.
In this day and age, information should be available 24/7. Fortunately, these brilliant, young entrepreneurs have a solution to this age-old problem. Introducing Brooky. Brooky can provide comprehensive information about your project/property to your sales team in seconds.
Details like prices, availability of units, sizes, layout, anything for a low monthly subscription. Definitely a must-have for all real estate developers, big or small, because Selling Never Sleeps.

Anna Montejo - Marketing Manager, A Brown Company

Anna Montejo – Marketing Manager, A Brown Company

Through Brooky, our sellers are now equipped with the current and complete product information who in turn provide their clients the quickest and most relevant data.
Not only is Brooky an effective tool for our sellers, it also generated relevant analytics for management aiding us to assess sellers participation to our marketing tools.

Keeshia Marie Echem - Platinum Seller, Real Estate Salesperson

Keeshia Marie Echem – Platinum Seller, Real Estate Salesperson

Every Developer should be using Brooky!

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